How to Attract Customers with Your Business Signage

Cincinnati Sign Company provides custom business signs, logo design, project management and sign maintenance services. The company also offers pylon and monument signs, dimensional lettering and fleet graphics. Cincinnati Sign Company is based in the United States.

Founder Tod Swormstedt has signs in his blood. He created the American Sign Museum to not just save the candy-colored icons, but also show appreciation for their craftsmanship.

Having sound business methods, excellent expertise and great sales can be all for naught if the company’s marketing tools don’t communicate well with customers. Business signage is the most visible and cost-effective form of marketing. With life spans of years, signs cost pennies a day to advertise your business and brand.

They communicate a lot of information for customers about a company, brand, product or service. They foster a sense of identity, branding, and can build trust, knowledge and reputation with the right messaging, design, look and feel.

They also work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. They can help increase traffic, attract new consumers or make existing consumers aware of special promotions and services that may be offered. They can create a significant brand presence with refined aesthetics like channel letters that add modern designs and lighting effects to your storefront. They can even boost your brand with mobile and portable business signage like vehicle wraps, banners for trade show displays & booths.

When you think of business signs, you probably imagine a company’s name and logo. However, a well-designed sign can do a lot more. It can generate new foot traffic, inspire unplanned impulse stops and even bump sales at the checkout.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, our experts can help you create business signage that works. We’ll also advise you on best practices, from choosing the right colors to ensuring your text is legible at a distance.

We offer a wide range of business signs, from freestanding pylon signs to window graphics and reception and lobby signs. We can also create ADA signs, monument signs and more. We also provide a variety of movable business signs that can be taken to tradeshows and events, like banners, teardrop flags and vehicle wraps. The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati preserves, archives and displays a collection of signs and equipment. Its founder, Tod Swormstedt, began the project in 1999.

A sign can make the difference between a customer walking into your business or walking right past it. The best way to attract customers is by having an eye-catching sign that grabs their attention and shows them what the company has to offer. The design of your sign should follow a few important principles, including visual hierarchy and color contrast. The hierarchy principle uses size to convey importance–the largest type grabs the most attention, and smaller text can be used to convey less important information.

The color contrast principle also plays an important role in your business sign design. For example, if you are trying to capture the attention of a younger audience, vibrant colors will work well, while more conservative colors may be more effective for an older audience. It is also important to test your signage in real life, so you can see how the colors and fonts work together and make sure your sign is easy to read.

Whether you want to draw attention, send a message or gain market share, a full color sign can accomplish all of that. Banacom Signs has the design and fabrication skills to create a custom signage solution for your business.

Q2 Business Capital commissioned a modern logo sign to complement their bold colors. To achieve the desired look, Cincinnati Custom used a multi-layered approach to their signage. To ensure that the piece would be durable, the company chose to mount it to the wall using double face tape, which allows for secure attachment while minimizing damage upon removal.

Indoor signs are a critical element of your business’s marketing strategy. They help direct traffic, inform customers and visitors about your products and services, as well as post important safety precautions in your work area. At Cincinnati Sign Company, we can design and produce all kinds of interior signage. We have a large selection of materials to choose from, including pylon signs, monument and directory signs, LED lights and back-lit signs.

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